Founded by Eric Crosland, Dave Mossop and Malcolm Sangster, Sherpas Cinema has grown from a startup formed by a trio of high school buddies into a thriving production and post production team that has earned worldwide acclaim. 

Sherpas Cinema creates films and commercials steeped in action sports, breathtaking visuals, lifestyle, youth culture and often times vehicles. It’s a wonderful mix of storytelling through incredible visuals beautiful and technical. They have a proven track record for capturing the world’s natural beauty while precisely directing talent, real people and adventure enthusiasts.

Those unique skills combined with powerful storytelling has resulted in films that are the most compelling, provocative and popular of their kind, breaking records in worldwide physical and digital distribution.  Their 2011 and 2013 releases All.I.Can and Into The Mind are two of the most awarded and highest selling ski films of all time.