Deserving stories, authentic characters, natural narratives. 

Drawing on multi-disciplinary and nuanced skill sets the collective of Kahlil Hudson, Alex Jablonski and Tyler Hughen persue a tenacious and humble approach to filmmaking.  They combine core competencies of directing, cinematography, editing and narrative development.  Working organically they delve deep into their subjects and stories to reveal the beautiful essence.

With a masterful talent for sculpting cinematic visuals, they are able to shape a variety of stories from meaningful to fun, intimate to larger than life.


They work in the worlds of films and commercials having shot with brands such as RAM Trucks, Patagonia, Filson, Yeti and Solar City.

In the film world they are currently finishing up their documentary feature Young Men & Fire which is being sponsored by the Sundance Institute.  Finback previously won the Audience Award at the 2012 SXSW Film Festival for their film Low and Clear.